About Wind2H

The Wind2H project fits into the renewable energy chain as a key linkage from wind power to chemical storage of energy in form of hydrogen, which can be further converted back to the grid for levelling purposes or to biofuels for mobility.

The research is devoted to evaluation and improvement of performance and durability of water electrolyzer cells and stacks under load fluctuating modes. Further efforts will be made to initiate development of reversible cells from key materials to cell assembling and testing, aiming at a technology of high efficiency, long durability, system simplicity and dynamic robustness of operation, specif- ically for renewable energy applications.

In close collaboration with Chinese partners, an electrolyzer stack will be integrated for system evaluation.

The consortium consists of highly complementary partners. The Danish university is primarily devoted to polymer membranes and catalysts while the Chinese university to characterization and components; the Danish indus- trial partner as the end producer focuses on durability evaluation and stack construction while the Chinese industrial group as the end user will build up an integrated system for evaluation in a wind farm.


Qingfeng Li
DTU Energy
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